Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 1

New Book, New Chapter

I hate this chapter… Full paragraph sentences… And since I’m a MTLer it’s even harder to translate. Took me at least the same time to translate this chapter as it would to translate three normal chapters. And the next one is like this too 😦

*Rambling off*

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No Chapter this week

Hey o/

I’m unable to post the due sponsored chapter for this week 😦

First half of the week my PC overheated (fk the weather and fk apartments on the top floor without air conditioning. The second half of the week I overheated :/

If the sponsor wants his money back, just write me an email (falamartranslation#at#gmail#dot#com). Otherwise I’ll push this chapter to the next week.


Sponsored Chapters

Hello o/

I’ve decided to start a testing period for sponsored chapters.

If the additional work is doable (My friend Math said: “It is!”) I’ll continue it.

My schedule for now is:

1 “free” chapter at Wednesday

Up to 2 sponsored chapters each week.

You can donate to this project by clicking on the “Buy Me a Coffee”-Button on the sidebar. One coffee is 3$ and a sponsored chapter is worth 7 coffees (21$ per chapter total). If you want to donate through other ways just contact me 🙂