Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Index

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Records of the Kingdom of Garudeina’s Rise to Power

A world where swords, bows, and magic flutter about.

Amagi Shigehisa, who was taking his university entrance exams, suddenly transferred into such a world without any warning.

As the strongest race, Dragunir.

Who and for what purpose? Without harboring this question for long, Shigehisa confronts an excessively heartless and harsh reality.

Shigehisa transferred into the North Tenshia Continent.

There, with the exception of humans, the Beast people like the Wolfmen tribe, Tigermen tribe, and others, experience extreme discrimination and oppression, and are forced into a life-threatening lifestyle every day.

Thus, Shigehisa made a decision.

“By my own means, I will make a kingdom for the sake of fluffiness!”
(TL: mofuru, mofu for fluffy, ru for a verb)

Because of a man who possesses a lifespan and power unmatched by humans, a battle which involves the whole continent starts.

Shigehisa, revising his name to “Georg Stanford”, the protagonist in a RPG he played during his high school days, brings together the beast people from every place in the continent.


Author: 桜朔

Book 1: Dragunir Rebirth and Meeting Destiny

Prologue (Xant & Minions)

Situation Confirmation (Xant & Minions)

Setting Off with Determination (Xant & Minions)

Wandering and Unexpected Reality (Xant & Minions)

Beginning the Different World Interaction (Xant & Minions)

The First Conversation (Physical) (Xant & Minions)

Meeting (Xant & Minions)

Village’s Morning (Xant & Minions)

Before, After (Xant & Minions)

A Chance Meeting with Beast People Followed by the Cruel Reality (Xant & Minions)

Decision (Xant & Minions)

Family (Xant & Minions)

Name (Xant & Minions)

Book 2: Heading Towards the Founding of a Kingdom

Journey (Xant & Minions)

Journey 2 (Xant & Minions)

Super Development!! (Xant & Minions)

Toward the dream

On the way to secure a population

Talking Business – One

Talking Business – Two

Human town、Beast people’s prison



A new family

Like a warm sunny place

Book 3: Consolidating the Foundation of the Kingdom

The completion of the base


Buying a lot (Part 1 & Part 2)

Optimum solution of a problem

Real? It’s acting

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