Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 4

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Optimal solution of the problem

「Georg-sama, I’m sorry, but is it possible to push the due date to a later time? 」

The next day, they ate dinner a bit early at the inn where Georg and Ferris were staying.

「First of all, I want to know a few things…… Why are we here? 」

Georg asked, while wiping his mouth with a handkerchief he had newly purchased today.

「It’s like this. My company has gotten a lot of attention as of late. 」

「I see, so it’s not possible to make showy movements in this town. In other words, you are pretending to be weaker than you are? 」

「By no means, I would never do such a thing. It’s just that I need to be cautious while doing my market research due to the rumors of the residents, as well as act as a merchant. 」

「……… Well, then it’s fine. Leaving that aside, what about the extension of the deadline? What the hell has happened? 」

「It’s…… the people of the Harmit religion, they heard about the collection of the demi-humans and it looks like they are up to no good. It seems like the town church has brought a proposal to the lord of the town…… They want to investigate our movements……」

「Oh… 」

Harmit religion. The beast people are called a sin; born by a mistake between a human and an animal. Elves and dwarves are an inferior race that are said to have failed to become human, and are the main culprits. (By the way, the dragunir are unlike the beast people in that they are both human and dragon, combining both characteristics. They aren’t born as a result of combining a human and a dragon, but are considered to be dragons transformed into human beings. Even the saint at that time hadn’t the courage to turn the dragunir into enemies.)

Unconsciously, Georg’s eyes narrowed.

「In order to calm them down and not reveal Georg-sama’s presence, I need to be careful when I move things………」

「……… How long does it take? 」

「At the least, one month……」

「I’m not here to negotiate……」

There’s no room to be so easygoing.

In addition, the possibility that those fellows interfere will only increase if it takes any longer. Such unnecessary risk must be avoided. But, to resolve this problem as soon as possible, it is necessary to either clean up the church or the feudal lord.

However, it is a fact that they don’t want to cause an unnecessary commotion. The quickest way would be to use direct pressure to negotiate. Fortunately, Georg’s presence itself is pressure enough, and he doesn’t hesitate to use it if it serves his purpose. The problem is, he doesn’t know who to negotiate with.

「……… The people from the shit religion are out of the question…… The feudal lord? Well, do you know the feudal lord of this town? 」

「?…… Yes, we’ve traded several times. 」

「Please tell me his name and personality. Also, the environment surrounding that person as well. 」

Ed seems to have guessed Georg’s question somehow and answers it.

「The feudal lord of this town is called Raymond Cruel Grefenberg. He got the Cruel title from the kingdom and is an excellent man entrusted with this town, Nidea, since it is an important supply base for the anti-imperial war. In the southern part of this town is the granary that he manages . You can describe his personality in one word: Safetyconscious. He hates risk. In our case, you can say that he is more or less in cooperation with the influential church, this is in order to avoid a deterioration of their relationship. No matter what, I need to work hard in order
to fulfill my responsibilities. 」

「In other words, he is a more than average civilservant who excels at selfprotection. Am I right? 」

「Yes, while we are at it, let me say that he doesn’t hate to wind himself up. But, he will be brutal against those that cause him to be at a disadvantage, and won’t spare them even if they are willing to submit and are begging on their knees. 」

「I see, are you able to guess the inner workings of his surroundings? 」

「Yes, you can’t say he is cold towards the weak, but he isn’t full of spirit for strong people either. You could say that he doesn’t want to wake up sleeping dogs. As for the civilians, they are competent civil servants in peaceful times. 」

「Hmm……… To summarize, if I interfere with a stronger pressure than the church, it is easy to bring him to his knees, but, it is also possible that he gets cooperative, is that correct? 」

Georg directly cut to the chase, and Ed, who conjectured it the same way, nodded vigorously.

「It is so. For example, the royal family, a duke, a state leading figure, or even the church will fear and be respectful towards a Dragunir. Let it be that way. 」

He returned with a smile on his face.

「Indeed, it’s not an existence you meet every day. 」

「Yeah, they will easily give in if such a being pressured them. 」

「Well, well……… By the way, is the house of the feudal lord the biggest building in the southern part of the town? 」

「Yes, if I guess correctly, he is probably there at this time of day. Lordsama
is timid, he doesn’t like eating out because there is no poison testing there. 」

「That’s so, is it? 」

「I think it is. 」

Both are laughing involuntarily, and Ferris, who wasn’t able to follow the story, is eating her meal in silence.

「Ed. 」

「Yes. 」

「Please do everything as planned. I won’t accept an extension at this stage. 」

「I will comply. 」

「Ferris. 」

「Fu~ Brother? 」(Her mouth was filled with food.)

「It’s less crowded now, go rest in the room where we were before. 」

「Hmm…… Huh, understood. Return early. 」

「Oh, it won’t take long. Well, Ed, since there is urgent business I must attend to, I’ll head there now. As for the requested goods, I assume you’re able to handle it? 」

「I will, and it’s the same for me as well.」

On both of their faces was a similar expression. They got up simultaneously and proceeded to head outside.

「…………… It’s a scary expression…」

The murmured words of Ferris were drowned out in the increasing bustle of tourists and mercenaries who had started to dine.

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  1. I’m quite surprised that procreation between humans and beastmen haven’t increased due to the sudden skyrocketing demand. When the British decided to cull the snake population of India by putting a bounty on every head, the locals responded by breeding cobras and selling those instead. The British found out and abolished the bounty, and so all the bred snakes were released into the wild, and the snake problem ended up worse than before. This was dubbed the cobra effect,, and I’m hoping this issue gets addressed soon, as currently this is my biggest gripe with the series so far.

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    1. There is only one seller and buyer and the seller knows that the buyer has an upper limit eventually. Besides that the buyer is an existence that is too powerful to offend and beastmen don’t grow up fast enough to effectively breed in this situation. He did return within a year at best they could have made a couple of babies, and he would be angry if they all of a sudden had 15 babies with not even 40 grown ups.
      So adding the fact that they can anger him and they can’t breed beastmen off a appropriate age fast enough the are stuck with the beastmen they can buy.

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    1. I will not say he incompeten, for someone who had loadof responsibility to act not make any enemies to someone who had larger influence is smart move
      Different story if you are alone(responsible to yourself)

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!!!!!

    Hahaha ha the stupid church wants to make humans the superior race but were scared of the dragons wrath so they made them a new category lol.

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  4. Man this is so good, can’t wait for more hope it goes on like mushoku tensei. If you haven’t heard of or read that, I highly recommend it, had me crying at end.


  5. Nice to meet you. It is the author of this work.
    I had an acquaintance tell me and knew here.
    I am weak in English. But I want to convey only the thanks.
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    And I thank reading people heartily.

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    1. Thanks for writting this masterpiece, it’s my favorite novel by far together with Hisshou dungeon! I am happy to see some author likes their series got translates to other languages ! 🙂 ❤


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