Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 2

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After 4 months and 15 days, the time has come to accept more and more residents after the first 68 inhabitants came.

The town expanded the fields and the orchards, the fields outside the west castle wall are newly reclaimed and after enclosing it with the castle wall again and connecting them through a stone pavement the cattle moved to this new location, while the former land became vacant (It’s because he received the advice from the wolf-man tribe to isolate the smell).The newly made area is called West-Animal-Husbandry-Special-District (Georg never used it). It has not been built yet, but the meat processing factory is scheduled to be built sometime soon. Because they are still few in number it is possible to increase the number of animals.

Moreover, the two elves Nina and Cale became the assistants of Georg and Ferris because it became too much for them to handle. He thought about watching them for a while and let them do business soon by themselves.

And now, and this was particularly a nice thing, the first couple was born in this town, since it started. Are they doing “free love”, since it was forbidden before? Almost none of such stories came to light. Only here and then appears a story suddenly. By the way, it happened between someone from the wolf-man tribe and the rabbit-man tribe. He thought that he should build a church, but there was no religion existing in this town so it can’t be helped that they noticed it. He built a church with the recently developed colored glass (an achievement of the dwarves) that was slightly larger than normal. There were no crosses or fathers, but now they were prepared for marriages and promises of love. Unfortunately, the meaning was not fully understood, but they thought that it was a place where the marriage takes its first step.

By the way, it is now clear what race the children from mixed marriages are. If it’s a boy, it’s the same race as the father, and if it’s a girl, it’s the same race as the mother. Because the studies of genetics are not advancing, the reason why is still unknown. This seems to apply even to families of dwarves and elves and the only thing Georg could say was: “It’s the mystery of life”.

The story wanders, but there are various developments and he judged that it was okay for new residents to be accepted. As for food, the self-sufficiency ratio is enough to feed 300 people without a problem as reported by the people who are managing the farm products. In addition, the people from the wolf-man tribe and the tiger-man tribe came together with the people from the rabbit-man tribe and went to hunt. The supply of meat and seafood from the lake is gradually increasing. Honestly, he thought he was mean, but the ears of the rabbits were suitable to hunt alongside the noses of the wolves.

And now is the day he decided to invite new residents, so he gathered all current inhabitants.

「Well, there are things I want to say, now that all of you are gathered here. Finally, this town…… I intend to invite new residents for our Garudina Forest Capital.」

After hearing the voice of Georg, the inhabitants are in heated discussions. By the way, calling it Garudina Forest Capital, it is because the inhabitants have begun to call it so gradually. Even though the extent of this area has still a village level population, he doesn’t correct them on this. Because it should become an appropriate name someday.

「I don’t know how much residents I can gather. But perhaps it’ll be a larger number of people than you. Because I need to do the same thing I did with you with them, a lot of time will be used for that. Meanwhile, it is your duty to make this town wealthier…… How about it? Would it be worth doing? 」

To the question that was presented with a fearless smile, there are enthusiastic people, insecure people, withering people. There are various reactions.

「Of course, behaving this way is insignificant. When you meet the new residents, it is necessary for me to build a new pecking order. I’ll decide it, when the time comes.」

Many people frowned on the phrase “pecking order”. That’s no wonder, until now, the head of each structure was Georg, and this way they had a relationship that felt like a family.

Even though I say we need a top and a bottom to manage this town smoothly, the person in charge has naturally responsibilities and duties, because to be able to live comfortably we need to understand that there need to be certain relationships between jobs. Since I am the one who bring work into your everyday life, I won’t discuss this with you any further and make these changes, okay?

After Georg said this, everyone was relieved. In short, after the representatives received Georg’s instructions and they are able to work and direct his other colleagues adequately. If more residents came and the number of jobs and workplaces increased, it’s natural that Georg won’t be able to instruct and look after all of them. Therefore, he decided the representatives and looked at the representative progress reports. He intended to promote efficiency in order to streamline the cooperation of the entire scene with him as the supreme commander of them all.

However, this is only the first step Georg made for this organization.

「It seems that they understood. Is it the result of my education? 」

After making some jokes to loosen up the heavy atmosphere, the story continues.

「In addition, as soon as the education of the new residents ends, I will distribute them to their respective workplaces. So never have a haughty arrogance as their predecessors. At the same time, Ferris and I will leave in three days, so Nina and Cale will be taking the initiative to manage everything in the meantime. Since everybody knows of the ability of these two people, they still have some way to go. So don’t just depend on them. I want you to cooperate well…… with them.」

「Yes, this Nina, is inspired to be allowed to be the substitute of Georg-sama. I intend to work with all my heart. I ask everybody to lend me their power.」

「Similarly, I’m the incompetent Cale. I will exert myself to not disappoint the expectation of Georg-sama. I would be pleased to work with you.」

The people applauded the greetings of the man and woman duo of the elves. That is prove that the everyday effort was transmitted properly to everybody.

「All right. Then I announce the leaders and assistants now. The first is agriculture. The leader is from the rabbit-man tribe, Helen. Assistance is from the mouse-man tribe………」

Thus, after appointing the leader and assistance of each job, he answered all the questions and the meeting reached its end.

「Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure to accept the new residents firmly into this new system. This concludes my report. Dismissed!!」

The voice of Georg was heard loudly. The last preparations are complete.
Before long, a new breath has appeared in this town.

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20 thoughts on “Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 2”

  1. Looks like soon will come time for trouble to arrive. Either the author will first tackle internal strive from people growing independent, or external influences, noticing the changes in the world scene. I hope it’s some nation taking notice of them, then there can be a lot of fun.


    1. im surprised theres no trouble yet, some1 is bound to take notice of the slave flow so i guess spies should be the next to come, perhaps even mixed in the beast people .


      1. well he’s bought slaves only once yet, but now that he’s going to do a second even larger purchase it will attract attention. Problem is getting to his castle and some sort of slavery magic isn’t popularized, tho it might exist. And he would notice. Or not, being too high up he might not. Still, it would be difficult to gather info, him being a Dragunil.

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      2. im also worried about the um “clothes” hes selling out.. that stuff is like magic resistant and stuff .. handing that to his enemies is a terrible idea i would have digged gold/silver and use it to trade it for slaves instead if its the future the humans use those op items he sold to go against his country .. well many beastman will die cuz of it.


    2. For internals problem actually might be possible at this point considered their from many race mixed (not single race) as for external since they live deep in middle unexplored forest it’s kinda impossible for outsider to notice, even taking account how he buy slave in bulk & he only doing it once, at most people’s trying to figure his identity nothing more than this


      1. exactly, even if they are unified by being scorned races, once identity develops naturally clashes of those identities will follow. Still, their love for their lord and saviour will save them, lol


      2. Indeed they all from different races thus would be strange if discrimination of some kind doesn’t happen. well having the humans as enemies should deter discrimination between the races and war will make their bonds grow stronger. i think war for acknowledgement is inevitable here, human leaders are too arrogant, they wont care if hes god or whatever to wage war.

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  2. i cannot believe how underrated this light novel. we need to spread the greatness of georg sama. thank you as always


  3. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..


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