Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 3 – Part 1

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Buying a lot – Part 1

The next day, for building the new system of bringing more villagers, Georg and Ferris were send off by the villagers at the city gates.

「Now, see you later. While we are absent, protect this place well.」

「Yes, even if it costs my life.」

「That’s alright. Well, we are only going out for three days. I believe that nothing will happen.」

「Ha ha, leave it to me.」

Georg thought that the way Nina and Cale were saluting formally with their serious character, while not sparing any efforts, is desirable.

「So, everyone, We’ll see you in three days, if nothing happens, Ferris.」


After saying so, they took off with the help of wind magic, while being seen off by 68 inhabitants and are now on their way to the city.

「They’re gone……」





「Looks like it…… Well, go back to work!!」

「It’s only three days and we can’t make anything great, but make sure, that you don’t disappoint Georg-sama.」

「Ah, we can’t leave everything to Georg-sama forever.」

「Yes, our great savior is Dragunir-sama and even if he can solve a lot of things, but it is expected that such work is left for us.」

「Only by being loyal, not betraying him and doing our public duty, can we hope to repay him.」

「We all, for this great gentleman……」

After the two left, and as if representing the feelings of the people left behind, Nina and Cale said this. The other residents who heard this at the back also nodded their heads significantly. For them, even if they became Georg friends, he will continue to be a sacred and an invincible being. Surely, someday Georg’s wish will be fulfilled, but when the country rises, as long as its story lives on, Georg will talk about it. Like an ancestor, or mainly like a parent……





「I can see it.」

「Yes, I recognize this town.」

While chatting without worry, they arrived at the town they previously visited.

「It doesn’t look different from the last time.」

「I think it’s only our town that changes too much too fast.」

They landed on the ground, while having this silly conversation and walked towards the castle gate. The face of the guard became blue as soon as he saw Georg and Ferris (because Georg’s appearance looked the same as last time, it was noticed immediately).

「Th…… This, this. Please do enter as you wish!!」

「Hmm, thank you for your trouble.」

They already got a face pass. Even though they only visited once.

Because it didn’t cause much trouble, Georg didn’t mind it and they entered the town without saying anything further and were now going to the Goldberg Company.

As they arrived at the Chamber of Commerce, he noticed the shop assistant who was sweeping outside, and was now walking inside in a hurry after bowing to them. They were guided to the same room as the last time and as soon as they entered they found that Ed was already waiting for them.

「Welcome!!Well, please take a seat.」

「Hmm, then excuse me.」

「If you excuse me.」

Ed welcomed the two with a big smile. When they first met he had a pale face, but now he looks very healthy.

「Well, Ed, I think you know the purpose of our visit?」

「Of course!!Additional demi-humans? 」

「That’s the main reason. So, how much have you collected?」

「I think…… because a certain someone spread a rumor, when I checked yesterday there are no less than 400 at this place.」

As he heard these words, Georg was surprised. He estimated not more than 300 and the estimation was stretched as much as possible and now there are much more than he thought.

<This…… Was I too optimistic? However, I can’t alter my policy of picking up everyone. It’s a rather nice miscalculation. There should be enough houses, but is there enough food? …… As soon as I return to the town, I need to plan to increase the food production. If I need food for 500 people, should I promote hunting? As for fishing, do I develop it to full-scale soon?>

「Ah…… Ahem, Georg-sama? 」

「Hmm? Oh, I’m sorry. You gathered more than expected. It looks like my business can start slightly earlier.」

「Ah, is it? Are you saying that there are not enough?……」

「Not at all. Aside from the demi-humans I have some additional things to order….. Can I confirm the assets first? 」

As he said this, Ed had a shining expression on his face.

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