Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 3 – Part 2

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Buying a lot – Part 2

「In fact, there was a person who bought the clothes you brought, for twice the assumed price. Therefore the assets greatly exceed the numbers on the document I handed you before. 」

「…… What? 」

「Please think that he assets you saw last time are approximately doubled. I had estimated that it will be sold at a high price, but it was sold for twice as much. A certain gentleman, who is connected to the royal family, bought it. Thanks to you, our commercial firm was able to make connections with the royal family and made a lot of income. Now you can hear a few opinions that the scale of our firm is big enough to try a little expansion. And this is all thanks to you and for that every member of our firm is taking their hats of to you. 」

Ed really lowers his head as was talking quickly, however, there were some words Georg couldn’t ignore.

「The person was connected to the royal family?……What the hell?」

So, if it’s the royal family of the humans, it is logical that they can spend a lot of money. However, that’s not the problem. The existence of Georg is transmitted to the royal family. It can become an annoying thing in the future.

「The northern kingdom, in other words this whole area including this town Nidea, rules many areas. The marquis who governs this area is called Einhart von Friedrich Grothendick. 」

「…… long. Why does it sound like someone speaking gibberish? 」

「D…… Don’t say something like that!!However, I got things cheaper than the market price, because of some old connections I had. 」

「If that’s the case it’s good. But since Ed is also a merchant, the strength to express yourself is a good thing for you. 」

「We…… Well…… Ha, ha. 」

Ed put a dry smile on, as he was glanced at by Georg. It’s hard to imagine the things he had to experience, after the intense crossfire questioning about the marquis with the help of liquor.

「Let’s return to the main subject. In other words, even if I buy the 400 demi-humans at ten times the market price, there is still room for more? 」

「If you bought 700 people at this price, the end of the deposit comes into view……」

「There isn’t much left……… Well, that’s good. Then as an additional order, the same clothes for the demi-humans as last time, as well as food and blankets. And this time about 50 chickens, wheat seedlings or rice seedlings…… Well, it should be enough to be planted in 500m².Separately from this, about 300kg wheat flour, too. After that, for the human clothes, I need a compilation on how to make easy clothes, approximately 50 sewing kits, basic materials. That’s all for this issue. As for planting materials, I need seedlings or seeds of the raw material. I want to order about 10 horses. The ratio of females and male should be…… a percentage suitable for breeding. 」

Ed was writing a memo as he conveyed everything he desired and was nodding and ‘uh-huh’-ing while doing it.

「I’ll spend most of the assets for all these things……」

「I don’t care. Perhaps, I won’t come here in the next 2 years or more. 」

For the now 500 residents I plan to raise the literacy rate as well as the skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operation to 100%, to increase our human resources, to expand the scale of the industry and add new industries while developing the cultural level to a certain extend. The challenges of this town are piling up. This time it won’t be just a few months or a year.

「T…… two years……? 」

「Well, in short. So, I want to use all the assets at once. I give 30% of the remaining assets to your company and for the 70% left, please increase the size of the orders in the sequence I ordered them and use it up. 」

「Th…… that is……」

「Oh, I won’t cut our relationship. When I arrive at this human dwelling the next time, then first…… was it called Nidea? I’ll come and visit you. At that time, I hope we can have another deal. 」

As Ed heard the words of Georg, he breathed a sigh of relief. The dragunir Georg was a god of good luck for Ed, for the huge profit he brought with him. He wanted to avoid breaking off the relationship.

「Then, I ask. In three days, at the same place like last time? 」

「Yes, certainly. Only the numbers are different this time. I can’t guarantee that it is enough, though. Therefore, please visit me at the evening in two days. At that time, I can report our progress. 」

「I understand. Then let’s leave it at that today. Ed, the help I receive from you is greater than you might think. If something is happening, and I’m able to do something, I won’t hesitate to help. 」

「Is…… Is that so……」

The help of a dragunir is useless in most cases and there are only small occasions where they can help a little. Because Ed understood this, his words are unaffected by it.

「What? With your abilities there won’t be such a situation, but I won’t mind if you think about it as a last resort. See you in two days. 」

Said Georg and departs. Ferris followed him, while Ed had a stupefied look on his face as he saw them off. The statement of Georg was like a huge bomb for him.

As Ed fully understood the meaning, a scream was heard across the Goldberg Company……

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  1. thank you very much

    it seems ed has the best backing in the world right now
    he doesn’t have to be afraid of kings because a dragunir will fuck them up
    wel in theory at least but i think george will be more low key about it and destroying eds firm if he turns into a bully

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