Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 3 – Chapter 5

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Real? It’s acting.

「Is it here………? 」

In the southern part of the town are a lot of comparatively excellent structures. Georg is now standing in front of an even more luxurious and great building.

「Well……… Let’s do it. 」

He murmured and made up his mind. Since the sun sets this location became dim and Georg is approaching the front gate which was protected by two guards.

「You there, this is the mansion of the lord-sama. There is nothing for you here. Depart. 」

「Because there is something for me here, this foolish person came. Just pass it on to the feudal lord quickly. 」

He suddenly attacked verbally.

「Hmm?!…… You bastard!! You big insolent fellow!!」

「Oh, the guards of this town are raising their voices against others, but do you think I’ll flinch? As a guard for this castle gate to talk big from the first moment on. Why are you so quiet now? 」

「Y……..  You bastard, do you think we are fools……..? 」

「You guys kind of forced me to laugh at you. Don’t you think that your quick temper is slightly too much? I don’t mind you putting on a brave front, but you should at least confirm the status of the person in front of you……」

「Shut up!!Do you think by covering your face you can deceive us!?」

「Deceive you?…… If I want to fool you and enter I would’ve already succeeded in fooling a bastard like you. 」

「You…… You bastard…… to still insult us……」

Because of the loud voices in this confrontation, another guard appears to support them, while the civilians panicked and disappear from the scene.

That was Georg’s goal all along.

If it’s only the guards it’s easier to intimidate them to shut their mouths, because normal people tend to gossip much more easily. Even if you try to suppress the information flow from the top, the information will start to leak somewhere. Thus, it was necessary to remove them from here.

Since he wouldn’t come to this town in the next few years this much is fine.

「Bastard!!Since you insulted us this much, don’t think you can walk away from here unharmed!! 」

「After we beat you up, you will be charged with treason and executed!! 」

While Georg was silently thinking, the 10 or so guards were making a fuss.

「Hmm…. what did you just say to me?」

「Since you are deaf, I’ll say it again!!Bitch…… 」

「I ask you once more…… 」

After he interrupted the person who was going to shout, he lifted his hood a little and showed them the color of his hair and his pupils.

「W …… What do you want? 」

After seeing his color of his hair and hearing his voice and seeing his expression, the guards face became pale.

「To be looking down on me……」

「Wa…… Wait!! Stop!! 」

One of the guards wo was standing in the back and couldn’t see Georg’s face was slandering him, while touching his sword on his waist, was stopped by the guard who could see his face.

「Why should I stop? This guy …… 」

「I’m telling you to stop!! If Grefenberg-sama hears this, we will be decapitated!!」

「It’s only cutting down one dirty rude guy…… 」

「Oho. 」

Georg was not angry at the words “dirty rude guy” in particular, but seeing this show in front of him pulled both of his swords (their first use) and thrusted at the person who made this reckless remark.

「Oh no!!……… Ah……….. Ah……..Aah…… 」

「I dare you to say that again. 」

As to interrupt the man, a sword was pressed against his neck. He was probably not able to follow the movement with his eyes. With this overwhelming difference in ability, them looking at each other, the guard saw the inside of the hood. The guard gasped with his mouth open and shouted out loud.

「What’s wrong? Please tell me again. If you don’t treasure your neck, please talk. 」

The face of the man who couldn’t fall down because of the sword on his neck turns indigo blue after hearing Georg’s words.

「Wha…… Wha, what…… Forgive me……」

After he barely squeezed this out, Georg snorted as if his nose was clogged and put the sword back into its sheath.

「I praise you for having energy left after looking at my face………Well, good. After this, can still not inform the feudal lord? 」

「Of…… Of course!! I’ll tell him immediately!!」 (He bit his tongue. )

「Hmm, I trust you. And don’t try to create misunderstandings about me being here. It’s mutual for us both, if the citizens don’t notice this trouble with me. Tell them I’m a noble. It’s regrettable that his neck is valuable to him. 」


「I’ll never say a word!!Therefore…… ahem…… to the lord…… 」

「Oh, that was a problem-free response. Of course, only if you stay true to your previous words. 」

「Of course!! We’ll make sure that the task will be completed and kneel down……」

「I don’t care about that. Get someone to guide me. 」

「Ha!!Then please come in.」

One person was running to the mansion, while another guided Georg. The man who was confronted with Georg’s sword fell down and was supported by the people around him, while they tell the other ones what exactly happened.

No one can help them, because the person responsible for this chaos was walking away without thinking about it any longer.

Putting that aside, it was time for Georg to finally face the lord of this town.

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