Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki – Book 2 – Chapter 4


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Toward the dream

With this, the internal affair part is finished.


The next morning, Georg was groaning, while doing a large-scale development of the surroundings.

「Well…… Now it’s like a ghost town.」

Yesterday, using the large amount of wood and stone he secured, he built approximately 500 houses and created a beautiful townscape. But the population consists of only two people. With the orchard in the fields, the houses were arranged in a chess board-like manner. He built a school capable of teaching 200 people, a place for dairy farming sooner or later, a barn for the animals (even though there is only dirt now), and a place for crafting such as woodworking and metalworking. After finishing these the uninhabited town became even more lonely.

By the way, the assembly of the houses was pretty though. As one would expect it took a lot of time to processing the wood with wind magic, making iron nails with earth magic, then combine these with the help of compressed air with wind magic. Even though he failed a few times, after he got accustomed to it, it became easy. A house was made out of wood, reinforced with stone bricks. After setting the appearance, he made full use of the earth and fire magic to produce windows and fit them into the houses. Even though it is roughly the same there is a slight difference, the house intended for metalworking is made out of stone, because they are working with fire. The school, on the other hand, is almost only made out of wood (because it looked kind of odd and imposing when he made it out of stone).

「The town is almost complete…… I want to light the streets somehow…… Can I insert light magic into glass beads or something? …… However, if they need to last a long time, they will become huge…… If I have a large number of devil crystals…… But if I don’t get enough……」

Since he can’t think of a solution alone, it looks like it can’t be solved immediately either.

「Whatever, with this the first stage to invite a lot of people is complete, isn’t it? From where can we get………」

「Aa, Nii-san!!I checked the fields and there seem to be no problems!」

While talking, Ferris came over. He had her look at the fruit trees and vegetables which he transplanted from the forest.

「Is that so? Then our food problem is also solved. Is there anything that seems to be insufficient?」

「Hmm…… there is food and water, houses too, even places to work. I think it’s already good……」

「Okay…… so we can advance to the next stage?」

「The next thing is……」

「Aah, we will gather the demi-humans who are oppressed by the humans and let them live here. We’ll start with 50 people which I’ll strictly teach writing and calculation for about half a year. Meanwhile, I’ll see over the fields, so they can study with their undivided attention. For about three months, when they are able to, I’ll add physical training, so they can work independently when they are all finished. If it’s possible, I’ll increase the population by 100 from there on. At that time, my first pupils are able to assist me in teaching. As for last, I’ll verificate if they are able to live independently now. After this is repeated and the population increases, I’ll probably keep expanding the town. Finally, the production and the cultural level will form, so they can even live without my intervention. Oh, I’ll anticipate about 100 years for this, but of course, since the guards to protect the town will only increase with an increase in population, I’ll be the main force to protect the town and maintain its security.」

Once they can afford an army, he will organize it into a modern high-grade force. It’s worth to think about it.

「Whew…… one hundred years……」

Now that the plan is made, when he talked to Ferris about it without a pause, her eyes become points.

「What would you say? If the world changes. Beast people, elf, and dwarfs. People who are looked down upon by humans, living in a paradise, where they are free and making their own country. It’s literally a grand hundred-year plan for the country. In 1000 years, a mighty nation that can even remain 2000 years and will crush the human arrogance.」

Grasping a strong fist at his chest, the eyes of Georg are shining like flames.

「…… I will accompany you until death divides us.」

Said Ferris who wraps his fist gently with her hand.

「You know what? When Ferris dies and you wish for it, I’ll continue to develop this place in the future, so you have no regrets.」

「Te…….That’s terrible…… To be standing beside me, when I die.」

「Even if you aim at that, don’t think it’s easy to get away from me.」

To the man, who had a face full of laughter, Ferris felt a noisy feeling in her chest. She did not understand this burning feeling and didn’t know if it felt good.

「My nii-san seems to like restraining. Have I been helped by a terrible person?」

「You only know that now?」

They laughed together. That smile was a bright smile, that said that that there is no insecurity whatsoever.

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